“Peer” learning. An exercise in democracy

Patrizia Magnoler


For several decades teachers have been living a research dimension on their own practice to nurture both a participatory culture within the professional community, and the speciic knowledge about problems connected to teaching, speciically to the transposition and to the educational mediation. he status of “research teacher”was diferently interpreted in the training models founded on collaboration among “peers”, meant not only as the colleagues, but also as the academic and non academic researchers. he attitude which is necessary to create experiences of co-training is to be found in the availability in sharing knowledge (thereotical and practical) in order to face the problems that occur in an efective way. his availability is accompanied by responsibility, reciprocal listening, and the attention towards a systemic complexity. Living experiences of co-training makes you able to nurture the professional knowledge, but also to make a conscious experience of democracy.

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