Israel, “Land of Border” without Borders. Is the indeterminacy a point of strength or weakness?

Simona Epasto


In the context of the traditional characteristics of the State-Nation, as well as categorized by Political Geography, Israel has unique characteristics in the global panorama. In fact, the ethnic, demographic and geographic peculiarities are accompanied by the vocation of a State which politically, geopolitically and culturally, is situated on the “border” between East and West. To this is added the indeterminacy of its geographical boundaries, which many perceive as a synonym of uncertainty and as a cause of isolation.
The aim of this paper is to highlight how the indeterminateness of geographical, ideological, political and geopolitical borders, far from being a weakness or even a possible cause of the end of the Jewish State, is the true strength of the only democracy existing in the Middle East.

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