Teaching transposition: toward significance and legitimizing of knowledge

Elisabetta Nigris


This paper describes teaching transposition (Chevallard, 1985) as a teacher primary task. he teaching transposition process involves a teacher relection on the epistemological structure of knowledge. he adoption of epistemological vigilance principle (Chevallard, 1985; Bachelard, 1939; Develay, 1995; Astoli, 2008), and social relevance perspective (Damiano, 1999, 2007; Rossi, Pezzimenti, 2012) is required in order to operate a selection of topics to teach. he next action is a transposition of expert knowledge in order to make it accessible to students. In this phase teacher rules, ideological and philosophical assumptions and values play an important role (Shlmann, 1987).This paper underlines teacher subjectivity inluence on the process, highlighting the link between knowledge and professional identity.

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