Competenza di ricerca e pratica professionale docente

Katia Montalbetti


There is a widespread recognition that quality of teaching is a strategic key of knowledge society to promote social cohesion, economic growth and competitiveness (ET 2020). In addition, it is clear that quality of education involves in training of teacher. he debate on teacher training in our country highlights the distance between ideals and shared aims and operational decisions. Although it is considered essential that teachers proile must be both researcher and relective, it has not found coherent training strategies yet. his essay shows an empirical research with exploratory nature. The project traces the origin from an extensive diiculty of future teachers to recognize the relevance of the research competence in the framework of their professionalism. Downstream of the training process, research competence is often understood as a set of technical - instrumental skills and not as a personal and professional mood that innervates

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