Col-laborate. The Italian case of the Serendipity school in Osimo

Fabrizio d'Aniello


This article begins from the collaboration instances deriving from productive work contexts in order to arrive at illustrating how the collaborative disposition may be strengthened since childhood with the aim of achieving a mastery which is both functional to work and to life in general, using the educational example ofered by the Serendipity school in Osimo. he article, written in accordance with a critical-argumentative type of methodological approach, and based on the results of a direct observation and an unstructured interview, is divided into four segments: the irst highlights collaborative needs expressed primarily by productive organisations and the diiculties in satisfying these, to then clarify the object of the research and the educational perspectives that we intend to follow with its explanation; the second describes the transition from the congenital impulse to the interaction/collaboration to the environmental factors that tend to annihilate it already during childhood; the third analyses the activity of the above-mentioned school in terms of educating towards collaboration and work; the fourth clariies the pedagogical relections relating to this activity, pointing out the beneits of such an education.

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