Phenomenological fndings on gender identity, in the perspective of education



This essay describes the elementary phenomenological data of gender identity, that is, anatomical genitality and gender. Although the latter appears to be the pliable aspect of human sexuality, its variability is limited: the body cannot be eliminated, nor can the properties of the masculine and the feminine bodies, since they are the devices made to generate new life in the human species. Tese observations come within the perspective of an educational action regarded as grateful relationality. Such a context, the identity of genders is an existential, a placed intentionality and a displaced one bound by an original unity that is part of the body’s make-up. It also helps understand the couple relationship as the doorway to the universe of the gift, and as the aptest gender operator; the biological level is preserved whilst being sublimated, within a perspective here defned as sponsal anthropology.

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