Condotte estetiche, stilistica dell’esistenza, antropologia letteraria: riflessioni intorno a Adieu à l’esthétique di Jean-Marie Schaeffer e Styles di Marielle Macé

Teodoro Patera


This contribution proposes a cross-reading of Jean-Marie Schaeffer’s Adieu à l'esthétique and Marielle Mace’s Styles: critique de nos forms de vie, putting these two works into dialogue with some researches on the relationship between anthropology and literature. Drawing on the concepts of 'aesthetic attention' and 'style', the author reflects on the reassessment of aesthetic categories in an anthropological framework that puts at its heart the human being considered in its historical, social, and biological immanence, as well as on the role that literature plays in this reassessment. The contribution also suggests a way to overcome the distinction between two views – one more ethnocritical and one more philosophical – that have been outlined in literary anthropology over the last decades.

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